Children’s play spaces are one of our favourite projects to tackle. We get so much satisfaction from seeing children enjoy outdoor play. Playgrounds are so much more than monkey bars and slides, the possibilities are endless.

A well designed outdoor space is a classroom opportunity and can provide imagination stimulation in the forms of sight, sound, touch, and even taste. A culinary garden planted and tended by a child allows him/her to see the fruits of their labour and develop an appreciation for where food comes from and how it is grown. Paths, mazes and activity spaces open the imagination and make a child feel comfortable, happy and safe.

Creating a soft natural playground can transform spaces from hardly used to sprawling with activity. The key is to provide the key ingredients and allow the children enjoy the space. The first thing you will need to consider is the size and the purpose. It may be a sand box, a mud kitchen, seating, soft grass to sit on, chalk boards, race tracks, teaching spaces, sports activities, veggie patches, chicken pens, sensory gardens, native gardens or any other element that will capture a child’s imagination.

Children’s play spaces are quiet magical and the possibilities are endless.

Some of our Playground Installation work

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